The Master of Business Administration is a two-year postgraduate program. The focus of the online/distance learning MBA program is on business management, with students in this program learning, for example, how to run a business. How should the company be managed? What methods can be used to start a business? And so on. Students with an MBA degree can apply to any company as a business administrator, business analyst or digital marketing manager, among others. After completing an online MBA program, students also have the opportunity to start their own business.

    • Why Distance Online MBA?
    • Work while you learn
    • Pocket friendly
    • Flexible lesson plan

Eligibility for Distance MBA program?

Applicants should have completed their Bachelor’s degree with a minimum duration of three or four years.
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree should be from a recognized university.

Advantages of pursuing distance MBA program

A distance MBA is a wonderful option for students who are pursuing an MBA but are unable to attend regular classes for various reasons.
The MBA is relevant in numerous industries. Leadership skills, critical and analytical thinking, creativity, and communication are qualities that are relevant to many fields and will help you become more adept and adaptable regardless of your industry or job title.
This will broaden your knowledge of national, international and business issues. You will work with students from diverse backgrounds, experiences and career aspirations.

Job opportunities after MBA?

Below is an overview of the various positions that students who have completed an online or distance MBA program can apply for. In addition, students can start their own business by putting the methods into practice and succeed in a variety of career fields.

  • Marketing Manager
    Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Brand or Risk Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • HR Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Management Consultant

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


Is an online MBA better than a regular MBA?
If you want to complete an MBA course without quitting your job, then online MBA courses are the best option for you.
Do I have to be employed?
No, but full-time work experience may be considered, and it is generally assumed that students will be working full time while in the program.
What is the mode of examination for the Distance MBA?
Due to the Pandemic, the majority of UGC-DEB approved universities are now offering exams online.
Can I get a job after the distance MBA?
Distance MBA graduates can find suitable jobs not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.
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