In India, a bachelor’s degree in social work with a major in BSW takes about three years to complete. Moreover, it is usually recommended that you choose UGC-DEB-approved institutions to earn your ideal degree. Read on to learn more about BSW distance learning.

Why Distance Online BSW?
  • Work while you learn
  • Flexible lesson plan
Eligibility for Distance BSW program?

Your 10+2 score must be at least 50% correct. Also, you are qualified only if your school is an accredited college.

Advantages of pursuing distance BSW program
  • The Bachelor of Social Work distance learning program meets the requirements for employment with numerous human service organizations.
  • One can advance professionally by earning a Master of Social Work degree through this BSW program.
  • Allows people to earn a BSW degree without relocating if they are unable to do so in their current location or country.
Job opportunities after BSW?

With a BSW degree, you have a range of career and job opportunities. It is a very adaptable degree that can guarantee you employment in the future. Therefore, the careers you can pursue after a bachelor’s degree in social work are listed here:

  • Adolescent specialist
  • A child Service worker
  • A child advocate
  • Adoption specialist
  • A clinical social worker or counsellor
  • Healthcare social worker
  • Family and child social worker
  • Mental health Counsellor

However, you can always try our expertise and move outside the traditional professions.

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


Do we have to take an entrance exam to apply for BSW distance education?
No, you can enroll in a BSW distance learning program right away.
How are the exams for BSW distance learning conducted?
Due to the pandemic, most universities that have received UGC-DEB approval now offer exams online.
Is BSW distance learning still valid in 2022?
Yes, BSW by distance learning is valid for both private industry and public service if completed at a UGC-DEB university.
What is the minimum age required for BSW online degree programs in India?
Actually, there is no maximum age for enrolling in BSW distance learning programs.
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