This 2-year graduate program provides advanced knowledge in topics such as fraud management, cybercrime, and anti-money laundering. The course offers a wealth of options as well as an in-depth study of bank management, financial institution and operational management. A distance MBA programme that has been approved by the UGC and DEB is the online and distance MBA in Banking and Finance.


Why Distance MBA in Finance and Banking Management 

  • Affordable than regular degree
  • Flexibility with study Anywhere
  • Work while you Learn 


Advantages of Pursuing Distance MBA in Finance and Banking Management

  • The distance program aims to provide the candidate with the conceptual and analytical skills required to make financial decisions in the banking and corporate sectors.
  • The basic components of managerial decision making such as organisational behaviour, business administration, mathematical methods, financial accounting, information technology, corporate taxes and regulations, etc. are managed by students with the appropriate input.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of financial topics, including capital marketing, corporate finance, investment analysis, equity research, financial services, international finance and accounting, and more, thanks to their specific understanding in these areas.
  • Your individual skills, knowledge, and talents will grow through the master’s program in banking and financial management, preparing you for the highest and most advanced careers in banking.


Career opportunities

Scope after Online / Distance MBA in Finance and Banking Management 

  • Investment Banker 
  • Credit Manager 
  • Portfolio Manager 
  • Bank Manager 
  • Budget Analyst

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


What are the benefits of distance learning and an online MBA in Banking Finance Management?
For individuals who are unable to attend regular classes for various reasons, this is the perfect option. Some of the key benefits include: The benefits of online study include: Self-paced learning, access to online study materials, bi-annual admissions, and the ability to apply for private and public jobs while studying distance learning.
Has this distance/ online program been approved by UGC/DEB?
Yes, we are India's first online university approved by the Distance Education Board, an office of the University Grants Commission.
How are the exams in the Distance program conducted in online mode?
Examinations are conducted as per the new regulations through the Online Technology Enabled Proctored mode to ensure secure examination.
How to apply for the distance program?
You can apply via the link and " Enroll Now": or call us at 020-673 20 414
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