The distance/online BA in History is a three-year bachelor’s degree program. It involves learning about historical sites and researching them to learn more about the past. It is best suited for applicants who want to pursue a career in history.

Why Distance BA in History

  • Flexibility 
  • Affordability 
  • Career Growth 

Eligibility for Distance BA in History

Admission to correspondence schools is based on the performance of students, who must achieve at least a 50% average on their 10+2 degree.

Advantages of Pursuing Distance BA in History

  • Students who complete this distance learning program will develop excellent analytical skills and learn how to prioritize and analyze information.
  • The BA History Distance Learning program is accredited by DEB and UGC and has the same standing as traditional degree programs.
  • This field is very focused on careers.

Career opportunities

Scope after Online / Distance B.A in History

  • Journalism 
  • Research Centres
  • Radio Channels
  • Survey Offices 
  • Preservation Departments 
  • UPSC Jobs 
  • Historical Parks 
  • Archeology and Archives 
  • Museums 

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


Is a BA in History from distance learning approved for employment or study abroad?
Yes, a BA in History from distance learning is approved for study in India and other countries.
Why should I choose your online program?
The flexibility and affordability offered for a world-class program are unmatched. Seamless e-learning. Interactive Learning Content. Blended Learning School gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and showcase your education to future employers, knowing it carries professional and academic weight.
Has this distance/ online program been approved by UGC/DEB?
Yes, we are India's first online university approved by the Distance Education Board, an office of the University Grants Commission.
How are the exams in the Distance program conducted in online mode?
Examinations are conducted as per the new regulations through the Online Technology Enabled Proctored mode to ensure secure examination.
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