The distance/online BA in Gujarati Literature is a three-year bachelor’s degree program. Candidates who have deep interest in Gujarati literature,  this course is suitable for them. Students may enroll in the program after graduating from high school.

Why Distance BA in Gujarati Literature

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Career Growth

Eligibility for Distance B.A in Gujarati Literature

Admission to correspondence schools is based on the performance of students, who must achieve at least a 50% average on their 10+2 degree.

Advantages of Pursuing Distance B.A in Gujarati Literature

  • A distance/online BA degree with a specialization in Gujarati teaches Gujarati in all its forms, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • It also helps students develop and improve skills such as better memory, more adaptive and creative thinking, greater verbal and spatial abilities, and improved problem-solving techniques.
  • Those who work for a news station, magazine, or newspaper can easily earn a good salary as a Gujarati-speaking editor/journalist or translator.
  • Greater academic success, improved cognitive development, and an accepting attitude toward other languages and cultures are all benefits of a distance/online BA in Gujarati.

Career opportunities

Scope after Online / Distance B.A in Gujarati Literature

  • Teaching
  • Literature
  • Translation and other language services
  • Tourism
  • Print media
  • Advertising companies and agencies
  • T.V. Channels

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


What are the requirements to complete an online or distance BA program in Gujarati Literature?
You must have completed an accredited 10+2 degree program.
Are there any entrance exams for admission to distance/online B.A. in Gujarati Literature ?
No, there are no entrance exams for the Distance program of B.A in Gujarati Literature. Direct admission is also offered to the eligible candidates based on their 10+2 level.
Is the distance/online BA (Gujarati) course challenging?
For a native speaker or a student who has studied the subject in school, it is not difficult, but for a student who is studying Gujarati for the first time, it is difficult. It all depends on the aptitude and interest of the student. The distance course becomes easy with consistent learning and practice.
How to apply for the distance /online program?
You can apply via the link and " Enroll Now": or call us at 020-673 20 414.
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