The BA in English Distance Learning is a three-year undergraduate degree program. English prose, English poetry, professional communication, communicative English, and many other courses are offered as part of the BA in English Distance Learning program. Students may enroll in the program after graduating from high school.

Why Distance BA in English Literature

  • Flexibility 
  • Affordability 
  • Career Growth 

Eligibility For Distance BA in English Literature

Students wishing to enroll in this distance program must have completed grade 10+2.

Advantages of Pursuing Distance BA in English Literature

  • Your language skills will improve thanks to this course.
  • After completing the distance learning course, there are many opportunities to find employment. Graduates can also work as translators.
  • If you choose this distance learning course, you will have the same advantages as students who take this course in regular mode. 

Career opportunities

Scope after Online / Distance B.A in English Literature

  • Government Departments 
  • Translating centre 
  • Language Instititues 
  • English tutor
  • English Content Writer 
  • Faculty Teacher
  • Journalism 
  • Publishing

Admission Process

Distance education admission Process


Does a distance or online BA count as a regular BA?
If the college is approved by AICTE and UGC-DEB, a distance/online BA is equivalent to a regular BA as per UGC policy.
Why should I choose your online program?
The flexibility and affordability offered for a world-class program are unmatched. Seamless e-learning. Interactive Learning Content. Blended Learning School gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and showcase your education to future employers, knowing it carries professional and academic weight.
What are the requirements to complete an online or distance BA program in English Literature?
You must have completed an accredited 10+2 degree program.
How to apply for the program?
You can apply via the link and " Enroll Now": or call us at 020-673 20 414.
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